The Intuitive Woman Private Coaching

Week 1. Introduction to Intuition
a. Introduction to building your own intuitive toolkit
b. Introduction to the 7 “clairs” and how you can use them to tap into your spirit 
c. Introduction to techniques for developing your own daily practice

Week 2. Spiritual Clearing: Creating Sacred Space 
a. Clearing your house and workspace
b. Clearing your body 
c. Building a personal home altar with the 4 elements
d. Creating sacred space in your everyday life

Week 3. Receiving A Virtual Reiki Treatment
a. Balance and clear chakras
b. Reduce stress and anxiety
c. Connect with your spirit and personal focus
d. Create mental, emotional, and physical clarity

Week 4. Intro to Oracle Cards
a. Introduction to the basics of the Oracle Deck
b. Gain familiarity and comfort with the cards
c. Preparation for a deeper study of the cards as a tool for personal growth and connection to spirit

The 4-week Level I course includes the following bonus gifts
• Grounding chord audio meditation (MP3)
• Abundance audio meditation (MP3)
• Free oracle card reading
• Four 1-hour individualized coaching calls, recorded
• Individualized homework, homeplay, and extension activities that will deepen your connection with the content and encourage a daily personal growth practice